IR policy

All communication from Gränges shall be timely, reliable, accurate and up-to-date.

Financial information should provide capital and stock markets with a clear and comprehensive view of the company, its financial position, development and strategy. All financial reports and press releases published on the company’s website are simultaneously released to the Nasdaq and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Board. All communication shall occur in accordance with the Nasdaq’s rules for issuers, and conform to other applicable regulations.

Gränges’ financial reporting follows Group guidelines and policies, and is updated and communicated regularly by Group management to all relevant employees.

The objective for Investor Relations is to contribute to a fair valuation of the Company, securing the continuous financing opportunities on the stock market. The aim is also to increase interest in the investment case and enhance the liquidity of the shares.

The CEO has, together with the CFO and Investor Relations function, the responsibility for investor relations. The CEO and CFO is supported by the Investor Relations function for planning the work, preparing communication activities and maintaining the day-to-day contact with the capital markets.

The fundamental idea of the Nasdaq Rule Book is that all stakeholders shall be given opportunity to trade on the same conditions. Price-sensitive information shall reach all stakeholders simultaneously and all shareholders and potential shareholders shall be treated equally. Primarily, price-sensitive information is annual accounts, interim reports and forecasts. Also other information may affect the share price, such as major customer agreements and co-operations, major events that may lead to unexpected changes in financial results or the closure of businesses.

Due to the MAR (Market Abuse Regulation) Directive, the Board adopted a new Insider policy on June 29, 2016, to meet demands placed on the company and insiders. Furthermore, a system for managing insider issues was procured during the autumn of 2016.