Sustainability is an essential element of Gränges’ strategy and operations. The company strives to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations, uphold ethical business practices and provide a safe and good work environment.

Creating sustainable business value

Sustainability is a natural part of Gränges’ core business and strategy. It helps to increase the company’s long-term competitiveness...

Framework and targets

In 2018, Gränges implemented a new group-wide sustainability framework with twelve material topics grouped into five sustainability pillars...

Value chain

Gränges is committed to improving conditions and the overall footprint of the aluminium value chain. By collaborating across the industry, Gränges can promote and...

Ethical business practices

Gränges is committed to ethically sound business practices and running its business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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Responsible and sustainable sourcing

An efficient and sustainable supply chain is essential for Gränges’ long-term success. To manage social and environmental impacts...

Sustainable operations

Efficient management of energy and materials offer opportunities to improve profitability, competitiveness, and environmental performance...

Diverse and high-performing teams

Competent and committed employees form the foundation on which Gränges can be innovative and competitive and is therefore a crucial part...

Sustainable product offerings

Gränges’ ambition is to create tangible business and sustainability benefits for its customers.

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