Sustainable customers and sectors

To ensure that Gränges is part of the transition to a sustainable economy, the company is targeting sustainable sectors such as the electrical vehicle market. Another key priority is to partner with customers both in terms of designing and developing sustainable and circular solutions but also in establishing closed-loop business models.


products with third-party verified sustainability information

Co-creating sustainable solutions

Gränges has an ambition to design and manufacture sustainable solutions that can improve customers’ operational performance as well as the sustainability performance of their products. As a semi-manufacturing company, Gränges can use its strong position in the value chain to establish partnerships with both suppliers and customers to create sustainable aluminium products.

Developing circular and scrap-friendly alloys

The biggest opportunities for improving products’ sustainability performance are in the early stages of the product development process, when the product characteristics are decided. Aluminium is well suited for recycling, and Gränges actively focuses on alloy design and research and innovation to improve the recycling ratio as well as increasing the recyclability of the alloy.

Customer collaboration and partnerships

Gränges runs several customer collaborations within the heat exchanger, HVAC, and battery markets with the aim to jointly develop sustainable and circular alloys in line with customers’ material characteristics and requirements. Gränges also collaborates with customers to take back recycled aluminium from customers’ manufacturing process and re-melt it into new products.

Having clear sustainability information on product level enables Gränges’ customers and other stakeholders to understand, evaluate, and compare Gränges’ products from a sustainability perspective. The company can offer customers third-party verified carbon footprint certificates and a detailed carbon footprint report outlining the methodology.

During 2023, Gränges expanded the use of its internal life-cycle and carbon footprint assessment tool which is now used in all Gränges’ production facilities. This means that the company has reached its 2025 target of 100 percent of Gränges’ products to have third-party verified sustainability information available.

The model covers the carbon footprint impact from bauxite mining to inbound transports and Gränges’ own activities up until delivery from the site and can be applied on the full product portfolio in Gränges’ operations.

To ensure transparency and credibility, Gränges has engaged the external party IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute to verify the methodology, process and routines used in the assessment. The carbon footprint assessments have been conducted in accordance with ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14067.

Carbon footprint report, Huntingdon
Carbon footprint report, Newport
Carbon footprint report, Salisbury

IVL Verification report, Huntingdon
IVL Verification report, Newport
IVL Verification report, Salisbury 


Carbon footprint report, Finspång
IVL Verification report, Finspång

Carbon footprint report, Konin
IVL Verification report, Konin


Carbon footprint report, Shanghai
IVL Verification report, Shanghai

Gränges Endure

Gränges Endure is the company’s product brand concept for the most sustainable aluminium solutions. These solutions meet the demand of climate-conscious end-users and help customers to decarbonize their business.

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