Acquisitions and divestments


In October 2017, Gränges invested in a production company – GETEK GmbH – together with Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH to produce aluminium billets utilizing advanced spray-forming technology. For Gränges the investment provides opportunities to expand within Active brazing with products such as TRILLIUM®, an innovative technology that enhances the production and performance of brazed aluminium heat exchangers. Read more ›


In August 2016, Gränges acquired Noranda’s rolled aluminium operations in the US. The acquisition, which meant that Gränges’ more than doubled its sales volume, is strategically important and in line with Gränges’ target of being market leading in all geographical regions by 2020. Noranda’s operations represent a good complement to Gränges’ current business, and strengthens the position in the Americas and globally, which creates excellent opportunities for continued profitable growth. Read more ›