Navigate – Gränges’ strategy for long-term sustainable growth

Gränges has established a new long-term plan for sustainable growth involving three steps: to restore profitability, to build a world-leading aluminium technology company, and to invest in sustainable growth. The new plan also targets continued fast progress toward climate neutrality by 2040.

Gränges has had many years of strong value creation. However, the positive trend was broken in 2019, and following the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 the return on capital employed declined below the cost of capital. This called for action and a new strategy that would bring the company back to a solid long-term performance. Together with Gränges’ strong company culture and committed employees, the Navigate-strategy will further strengthen Gränges’ competitiveness and value creation as well as enabling Gränges to fulfil its purpose and promise.

The aim is to build the world’s best aluminium technology company.
The Navigate strategy is based on three steps – restore, build and invest – where the long-term target is sustainable growth. The aim is to build the world’s best aluminium technology company. The Navigate plan is about continuing to build the company based on Gränges’ business model – improve, innovate and grow, and source green and recycle. People and sustainability, areas where Gränges believes it outperforms most other companies in the industry, are at the core of the strategy.

Strong historic value creation aiming for a ROCE above 15%.
The aim is to get back to a stable return on capital employed (ROCE) above 15 per cent. Gränges’ financial and sustainability targets were updated in conjunction with the launch of the strategy.

The new strategy and updated long term targets were presented at the Capital Markets Day in June 2022. Watch the webcast with the Group management and read more in the presentations.


Capital Markets Day 2022

Gränges held its Capital Markets Day 2022 on 21 June 2022, watch the event on the link below.

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