Long-term goals and plans

In 2018, Gränges adopted ambitious sustainability goals for 2025. Since then, the company has made good progress on many of the company’s sustainability priorities and some goals have already been achieved. In 2023, Gränges upgraded its sustainability long-term ambitions and plans to 2030 and 2040.

The sustainability plan focuses on three key areas which are important in the creation of sustainable and circular aluminium solutions: net-zero, circular, and responsible. Each area has accompanying long-term goals which show a clear direction for the sustainability efforts. To achieve the goals and drive sustainable growth, Gränges invests in sustainable supply and recycling, operations, and customers and sectors.


Gränges invests in sustainable operations and sustainable sourcing and recycling to reduce the life-cycle climate impact of its products. By 2030, Gränges aims to reduce its carbon intensity by 65 percent versus baseline 2017. By 2040 the company aims to reach net-zero emissions throughout the value chain. The long-term climate goals have been validated by SBTi.


Gränges invests in circular business models, closed-loop partnerships, recycling capacity, and circular alloy development to increase the usage of recycled materials in its products. By 2030, Gränges aims to reach a total recycling volume of 500 ktonnes which corresponds to 10x the volume in baseline 2017.


Gränges invests in safety, business ethics, and people to ensure responsibly produced aluminium and responsible business practices throughout the value chain. By 2030, Gränges aims to have 100 percent sustainable suppliers, as defined by the company’s new responsible sourcing process that will be implemented in 2024.