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Sustainable electrification

Battery technology plays a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable and circular economy. But the battery is only as sustainable as the materials used to produce it.

Light, strong and infinitely recyclable, aluminium is uniquely positioned to support the battery industry. Gränges is committed to improving the overall footprint of the aluminium value chain. Our aluminium solutions are responsibly sourced and produced and have a low carbon footprint from a life-cycle perspective. We have a very ambitious climate neutrality target by 2040 and we can offer customers third-party verified product carbon footprint certificates.

Locally committed, globally powered

In a growing industry, we are your local and global partner. With production sites in Europe, Asia and North America we can offer you a secure and reliable aluminium supply chain. Leveraging our global resources, our local technical teams can provide the market's best technical support and engineering expertise. New battery material solutions or overcoming other challenges – we are here to help.


Your experienced partner

Built on the foundation of 125 years of innovative engineering and materials development, we are a world leader in high-performance aluminium alloys. With a long heritage of supplying the automotive industry, we are an experienced partner delivering consistent, high quality materials to industries with high demands on safety, performance and sustainability.

Our battery materials enable our customers to secure supply of high-quality, locally produced rolled aluminium products while reducing their environmental impact.

Battery cathode foil

Battery cathode foil

Thin gauge aluminium foil for lithium ion batteries

High performance, no compromises

Featuring a low carbon footprint and light weight combined with high strength and elongation properties, our cathode foil material offers the ultimate combination of performance and sustainability – the perfect choice for battery cell production.

Global reach

Our production sites in Finspång (Sweden), Shanghai (China) and Newport (Arkansas, USA) have production capabilities of rolling and slitting thin gauge foil products. With global reach and strong aluminium material expertise, we are your partner for reliable supply of battery foil from pilot line to gigafactory scale.

All sites are equipped with full production lines from casting to hot rolling, cold rolling and slitting. This enables us to maintain full control of the production process from metal to finished product and allows for recycling of materials.

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Battery casing

Battery cell casing

Aluminium sheet for insulation of battery cells

Heritage in deep drawing

Historically Gränges has experience in aluminium for deep-drawing process due to our past can-stock production in Sweden. Aluminium sheet material designed for deep drawing is also used for the growing battery market where our aluminium is protecting and insulating the battery cells in electrical cars.

Closed loops and partnerships

We have combined our experience in alloy development, recycling and sourcing to create closed-loop material flows with partnerships in raw material handling. All with the aim to ultimately reduce our solutions’ carbon footprint.

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Battery cooling

Battery cooling plates

Aluminium sheet for the production of battery cooling plates

Cooling plates and thermal management

Electrical vehicles and battery packs need stable temperature control to function in an optimal way. Range and health of batteries depend greatly on the temperature in the battery. Both cooling and heating is needed depending on peripheral temperature. The most important heat exchanger to handle temperature inside the battery is the cooling plate.

Heat exchanger at the Gränges core

Gränges production of heat exchanger materials go back to 1972. We have a vast knowledge of heat exchanger materials and are geared to have strong, sustainable, and cost-efficient materials for battery cooling plate applications. Increasing sustainability demands indicate that high recycling content, low carbon footprint, and proven responsible sourcing and production will be of increased importance. Our alloys are suitable for closed-loop scrap recycling. We can produce materials with a carbon intensity of lower than 4 tonnes CO2e/tonne and up to 70 percent recycled content.

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In focus within Gränges Battery Materials

Battery Show North America

Gränges' attends North America’s Largest Advanced Battery Event.

Charging ahead in Europe

Installation and commissioning of first battery foil equipment in Finspång completed.

Aluminium – a key enabler

The battery industry is expecting a strong annual growth in the coming years due to the high demand for electrification.


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