Battery cooling plates

Aluminium sheet for the production of battery cooling plates

Cooling plates and thermal management

Electrical vehicles and battery packs need stable temperature control to function in an optimal way. Range and health of batteries depend greatly on the temperature in the battery. Both cooling and heating is needed depending on peripheral temperature. The most important heat exchanger to handle temperature inside the battery is the cooling plate.

Heat exchanger at the Gränges core

Gränges production of heat exchanger materials go back to 1972. We have a vast knowledge of heat exchanger materials and are geared to have strong, sustainable, and cost-efficient materials for battery cooling plate applications. Increasing sustainability demands indicate that high recycling content, low carbon footprint, and proven responsible sourcing and production will be of increased importance. Our alloys are suitable for closed-loop scrap recycling. We can produce materials with a carbon intensity of lower than 4 tonnes CO2e/tonne and up to 70 percent recycled content.


Alloy: AA3003, AA6060, MULTICLAD and customized alloys
Gauge: 0.40 – 2.00 mm


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