The whistleblower function

Gränges is committed to be a sustainable and responsible company. It is important for us that irregularities that may seriously harm our business or employees are noted and investigated as early as possible.

To simplify for the individual who wants to inform about irregularities or misconduct that violates applicable law, Gränges’ Code of Conduct or other Gränges’ policies, we have a Whistleblower function.

Through the whistleblower function, employees and business partners can provide information and be guaranteed full anonymity. All reports will be received and investigated by an external party. For information about how Gränges’ whistleblower function works, please refer to the document:

Gränges’ Whistleblower function – Information and rules

Gränges visselblåsarfunktion – Information och regler

Gränges Funkcja informatora o nieprawidłowościach_Informacje i zasady.pdf



How to make a report

You can find Gränges’ Whistleblower function, operated by the external and independent company, Whitepaper Advisors, through this link: The name of the Whistleblower service is Trumpet.

When you are connected to the Whistleblower function – through the link above - you can opt to make your report through a web-based form, through a telephone call or by writing and sending a letter. A report can be filed 24/7. The report will always be treated with maintained anonymity and with strict confidentiality.

If you would to file a report directly on the web-portal, connect through the link above and start the process by clicking ”REPORT A CASE”. Thereafter you will be guided through the entire process and on the portal, you will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions each step of the way. If you would like to be certain that no one is monitoring your activities you should use a private computer/laptop or cell phone and visit the Whistleblower function from a network that you fully trust, for instance your home network if such is available.

If you would like to report a case by phone; call +46 20 10 30 91 or 800 4455223 for US employees (24/7-availability).

If you would like to report a case by writing and sending a letter; send the letter to Whitepaper Advisors, PO Box 479, SE-201 24 Malmö, Sweden.