A trusted member of our local communities

Gränges has a deep engagement in the local communities where we operate. Our role goes beyond being an attractive employer; we actively engage in building and supporting a strong and resilient society. By supporting education, sports and wellbeing, cultural events, and charitable causes, Gränges strives to be an active and trusted community member.

Education and social welfare in focus in Europe 
In Finspång, Sweden, Gränges sponsors Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet (CNG), an upper secondary school, to which Gränges offers internships and summer jobs for students. Grängesalso supports multiple local sport associationsandother educational initiatives. By being the main sponsor of the annual business dayin Finspång (sv: Storanäringslivsdagen),Gränges contributes to strengtheningthe local business development.   

In Konin, Poland, Gränges is involved in various fund-raising activities for social welfare, such as the Pass It On Foundation PodajDalej, a foundation focusing on helping people in need.Gränges also supports a charity run, engages in local job fairs, and supports a family support centerto assist families that face various challenges.  

Volunteering central in Americas 
In the U.S, Grängessponsors the Cheerwine Festival in Salisburywhere the company engages with the community about our career opportunities.The company also volunteers at the GraceWorksfacility in Franklin, focused on donations to citizens in need. Gränges also offers support to schools,sponsors local sports teams, and engages in several local volunteering days throughout the year  

People and environment drive engagement in Asia 
In Shanghai, Gränges volunteers in middle school teaching activities in Yun Nan organized by Shanghai Foreign Investment Association. Gränges also participates in local tree planting in Jia Ding Industrial Zone. The local community support also includes activities for the elders, such as the Chong Yang Festival.