A trusted member of local communities

Gränges contributes to positive development in society and aims to be an important and engaged actor in the local community.

Gränges strives to be a good corporate citizen and an active and trusted member of local communities. Positive contributions to these communities are made by maintaining an open dialogue and by building strong and long-lasting relationships.

Gränges creates local jobs that offer employees good employment terms and a safe work environment. The company also contributes to charitable causes and is engaged in sponsorship, mainly at local level and locations where Gränges has operations. Gränges sponsors education, cultural events, local sports clubs, sports competitions, and various types of non-profit organizations.

In Finspång, Gränges sponsors Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet (CNG), an upper secondary school, to which Gränges offers internships and summer jobs for students, as well as Linköping University. As part of these efforts, and in collaboration with CNG, Gränges offers internships to individuals who have recently come to Sweden. Gränges also takes an active role in supporting local associations in Finspång and participates in various initiatives to develop and make Finspång an even more attractive town. Gränges in Finspång also participates in IGE Day – Introduce a Girl to Engineering – an event which aims to raise young girls’ interest in technology and engineering.

In the US, Gränges’ employees participate in a number of community activities including supporting local school supply drives, food drives and holiday gift donations. Both company and employee team contributions are made for charitable causes including support for local youths sports team, and sponsorship of local athletic events and arts festivals.

In Shanghai, Gränges makes donations to a city level charity in the neighbourhood of Jiading, for example supporting education for children in poor families. Gränges also sponsors two university labs to encourage students to actively study metallurgy and to help with research in connection to specific projects. The company also supports the local Swedish Chamber of Commerce to promote cross culture communication and helping to spread Swedish culture in the Shanghai area.