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Do you have any questions about applying for a job at Gränges? Start with checking our list among common questions our recruiters get.

We accept applications by email and post. Send your application to the contact person named in the job advert.
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Seasonal jobs are available at our production sites. See available positions ›

As well as personal qualifications – such as the ability to work well with others and other related characteristics – the main need is generally for technically oriented courses and work experience.

Gränges offers many different programmes and courses of varying length and depth. These are often dealt with at company level and adapted to the needs of the local business.

Available positions are published on an ongoing basis here and to a certain extent advertised in the media, depending on the position.

We accept applications by email to the address stated in the job advert. 

We try to let people know quickly, without compromising quality. However, the selection process concerned will depend on the nature of the individual position, the number of applications and how quickly the series of personal interviews can be held in purely practical terms.

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