Corporate Governance

Gränges AB has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since October 2014. Gränges’ corporate governance is based on Swedish regulations and Swedish legislation, primarily the Swedish Companies’ Act, but also Nasdaq Stockholm’s regulatory structure for issuers, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”), the Articles of Association, and other relevant internal and external regulations and policies.

Gränges has not reported any infringements of the Code in 2018.

Good corporate governance is about ensuring that the company is run in a sustainable, responsible and effective manner with the interests of its owners as guiding principles. Good corporate governance contributes to increased confidence among existing and potential owners, customers, legislators, the public and other stakeholders. In this way, industry’s freedom to develop is ensured, as is the supply of risk capital and competence.

Corporate governance describes the relationship between corporate bodies according to applicable laws, rules and processes.


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