At Gränges we have several close partnerships with universities and vocational colleges. Every year we supervise several degree projects in areas from AI to mechanical engineering. It’s important for us to always be open to new talent and new expertise, since we work in a changing industry.

Several of our current managers joined the company during their studies and have since progressed within the company here in Finspång, at facilities in other countries or taken on other roles at the company. We look forward to following your journey at Gränges!

My first job as an Engineer

When I first encountered Gränges, at an annual career fair at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), I could never have imagined that it would lead me to a job as a process development engineer at the company today.

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Are you interested in an internship? At Gränges we offer several opportunities if you are looking for work experience as part of your studies.

Upper-secondary school students
For example, we offer internships for students in the industrial engineering and electric programme, or studying electricity and energy, at Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet.

University and vocational college students
We offer internships and degree projects for university and vocational college students. For example, we offer internships in procurement, HR and the research and development department.
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Vocational introduction

If your studies in electricity and energy or industrial engineering are vocation-based, you can apply to Gränges’ vocational introduction programme that will allow you to put theory into practice. You will follow a training plan, led by a trained supervisor within your chosen vocation. You need to be 18 years old to be accepted into the vocational introduction programme.
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Summer jobs

A summer job at Gränges is an excellent way to get to know us. Most of our summer jobs are in production, with varying working hours. For a summer job at Gränges, you need to be 18 years old and have a driver’s licence when you start your employment. We offer all of our summer job employees training in fork-lifts and cranes, which is also a requirement for employment.
Application period
The application period for 2024 opens on January 8.

Degree projects

Would you like to complete your degree project with us? Every year, we accept several students who have chosen to publish their degree project with us. If you have an idea that you’d like to explore further, you’re also welcome to send in an open application. A well-defined idea increases your chances of being chosen to carry out your degree project. We will provide a committed personal supervisor to support you throughout all of your work.
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