Group Management

Gränges’ Group Management consists of six members led by CEO Jörgen Rosengren.

Jörgen Rosengren

President and CEO
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Born : 1967

Education : M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology.

Position : President and CEO since 2021. Member of Group Management since 2021.

Other assignments : Board member of OEM International.

Previous positions : President & CEO in Bufab Group, 2012–2021. Vice President, Global Category Manager in Husqvarna Group, 2004–2011, Electrolux 2003, McKinsey & Company, 1997–2002, Philips Electronics 1993–1997.

Own and related parties' holding : 135,000 shares, 33,036 synthetic shares and 180,000 warrants.

Sofia Hedevåg

SVP Sustainability
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Born : 1980

Education : M.Sc. Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics.

Position : SVP Sustainability since 2020. Member of Group Management since 2021.

Previous positions : Member of extended Group Management 2020–2021. VP Sustainability in Gränges 2017–2020. VP Group Business Control at Swedish Match 2014–2017. Director Corporate Sustainability & Business Analysis at Swedish Match 2012–2014. Various positions at Swedish Match 2008–2012.

Own and related parties' holding : 4,250 shares, 11,646 synthetic shares, 33,000 call options and 90,000 warrants.

Colin Xu

President Asia
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Born : 1976

Education : M.Sc. Economics and Business Administration, MBA, China Europe International Business School.

Position : President Asia since 2013. Member of Group Management since 2013.

Other assignments : Supervisor in Shanghai Realman Energy Technology Co.

Previous positions : MD in Sapa Heat Transfer Shanghai, 2011–2013. Sapa Heat Transfer Shanghai, 2001–2010, with several leading management positions since 2003.

Own and related parties' holding : 42,928 synthetic shares and 155,000 synthetic options.

Oskar Hellström

CFO and Deputy CEO
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Born : 1979

Education : M.Sc. Engineering, Linköping University and B.Sc. Business Administration & Economics, Stockholm University.

Position : CFO since 2013 and Deputy CEO since 2017. Member of Group Management since 2013.

Other assignments : Board member in Beijer Alma AB.

Previous positions : CFO in Sapa Heat Transfer, 2011–2013. Director Group Development & Control in Sapa Group, 2009–2011. Strategy Manager in Sapa Group, 2008–2009. Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, 2005–2008.

Own and related parties' holding : 21,300 shares, 43,399 synthetic shares, 150,000 call options and 90 000 warrants.

Patrick Lawlor

President Americas
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Born : 1964

Education : B.Sc. Economics and certified Accountant, College of Commerce, Dublin.

Position : President Americas since 2016. Member of Group Management since 2016.

Other assignments : Board member in Aluminium Association in the US.

Previous positions : President Americas in Sapa Extrusions, 2010–2015. CFO in Sapa Extrusion North America, 2009–2010. CFO in Indalex, Inc., 2007–2009. Several management positions in Norsk Hydro, 1997–2007.

Own and related parties' holding : 125,233 synthetic shares and 315,000 synthetic options.

Fredrik Spens

President Europe
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Born : 1975

Education : M.Sc. Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Position : President Europe since 2022. Member of Group Management since 2022.

Previous positions : MD in Gränges Finspång AB, 2020–2022. VP Sales and Marketing, Gränges Finspång AB, 2017–2020. Head of Product Area Primary Products in Sandvik Materials Technology, 2014–2017, different senior positions at Sandvik, 2006–2014. Consultant at BTS, 2000–2006.

Own and related parties' holding : 4,655 shares, 11,988 synthetic shares, 43,000 call options and 90,000 warrants.


Synthetic shares within investment program for senior management (IP 2020) and synthetic share equivalents within Long Term Incentive Programs (LTI 2019, LTI 2020, LTI 2021).

Synthetic call options within investment programs for senior management (IP 2020 and IP 2022).