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The total production capacity of flat rolled aluminium products, in Gränges Europe amounts up to 260 000 tonnes per year, whereof 120 000 tonnes in Finspång and 140 000 tonnes in Konin.

Gränges Europe has three sites. Two for flat rolled aluminium products, in Finspång, Sweden and in Konin, Poland. Both sites deliver aluminium coils and sheets to customers in Europe and America. The last site is for powder metallurgy products, located in St. Avold, France. The largest customer segments are found in the automotive, building and construction, and packaging business. Between the plants we produce aluminium alloys in the 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx and 8xxx series. Both plants are based on direct chill casting method in our remelting facilities and further fabrication is done in the respective hot rolling and cold rolling mills at each site. Finishing equipment includes tension levelling, automatic inspection systems, thin- and thick gauge slitters as well as cut-to-length and chemical treatment lines.

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