No two days are the same

Martin Stigh works as Hydraulic mechanic

We met up with Martin Stigh who works as Hydraulic mechanic at Gränges in Finspång, Sweden, to hear about life at Gränges.

My name is Martin Stigh and I work as a hydraulic mechanic. I have worked at Gränges since 2004. I started as a summer worker and then I was offered permanent employment. I really enjoy working at Gränges, the tasks are varied and I have the opportunity to plan my working hours.

I am constantly learning new things. Partly through training that I received through work and partly through challenges in my daily work. I am often faced with problems that need to be solved, at first there is not always a given solution, but you need to be clever and think outside the box.

As a hydraulic mechanic at Gränges, you work broadly within maintenance. Among other things, I am responsible for purchasing spare parts and stocking of consumables in hydraulics. I work with preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of machine parts. Sometimes I also need to make my own designs, it's very fun and challenging. No two days are the same, the working day can initially be planned while a sudden breakdown in a machine can change the working day.