I learn something every day

Tomas Karlsson works as Automation Technician

We met up with Tomas Karlsson who works as Automation Technician at Gränges in Finspång, Sweden, to hear about life at Gränges.

My name is Tomas and I work as an Automation Technician at Gränges. I started as an electrician in 2007 and have since had the opportunity to develop within the company. As an Automation Technician, you need to be committed, driven, take initiative and challenge yourself to take on tasks that you do not know how to solve. In other words, you need to be a problem solver.

My tasks are very varied. Among other things, I work with maintenance work, troubleshooting and improvement work. In addition, I also work in several projects, especially in the expansion and construction of new rolling mills. It takes a lot of planning, it's challenging and I learn something every day.

I really enjoy working at Gränges, it's a nice atmosphere and something that works very well is the collaboration both within and between different departments. It's a cool industry that invests and I think it's exciting and fun to be part of the company's development.