On the track towards sustainable transport solutions

Moving goods using responsible and low-carbon transport can make a big difference for the environment. Thanks to optimized transportation, Gränges has found ways to reduce emissions from its customer shipments, in some cases by as much as two thirds.

Gränges serves customers all over the world, which often requires long-distance transport. A well thought through intermodal transport system can make a big difference on the climate impact from goods delivery.

Intermodal transportation leverages the strengths of different transportation methods. Trains can carry a lot and are usually powered by electricity, making them more environmentally friendly than trucks. Trucks are often necessary for the very last stretch, but by using trains as far as possible, their use can be minimized.

These benefits have become obvious for Gränges’ operations in Finspång.

“Most often it’s about getting the goods off the road and on to the railway tracks. Less diesel fuel really makes a big difference. For instance, delivery by intermodal transportation, mainly train, to one our clients in Italy means that carbon emissions can be reduced by approximately 70 percent, compared to only using trucks,” says Maria Borg, Logistics Manager, Gränges Finspång.

Using intermodal transportation requires precise coordination and planning. The delivery time may also differ compared to using only trucks.

“The delivery time may be slightly longer, which we need to consider, and we need to have close communication with the customer. But the interest in low-carbon and responsible transport is growing stronger not only among producers such as Gränges but also among transport companies and our customers. We are now looking into expanding this and other exciting sustainable transport solutions into more and more countries,” says Maria Borg.

Juli 2024