Gränges Powder Metallurgy and Delva Oy partnering for high-performance aluminium alloys

Gränges Powder Metallurgy (GPM) and Delva Oy have entered a strategic partnership aimed at driving the development of high-performance aluminium alloys in the European market. Renowned for their expertise in materials and additive manufacturing respectively, these companies are joining forces to offer innovative solutions to customers across various industries.

Both companies, renowned for their expertise in materials and additive manufacturing, are joining forces to offer innovative solutions to a range of industries. With their state-of-the-art capabilities in additive manufacturing production for demanding industries, Delva perfectly complements GPM’s deep expertise in specialty aluminium alloys. Customers can thus benefit from an end-to-end offering ranging from material selection to printed and finished components.
"Delva Oy is thrilled to embark on this partnership with Gränges Powder Metallurgy. Our collaboration demonstrates the seamless synergy between our respective strengths. The introduction of these high-performance alloys into the European market underscores our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. We firmly believe that this collaboration holds the potential to transform industries, delivering unmatched quality and reliability,” says Jarmo Kastell, CEO at Delva.

With markets spanning aerospace, satellite technology, military and defense, high-precision industrial automation, and demanding applications such as pumps, laser systems, hydraulics, and optical structures, Gränges Powder Metallurgy (GPM) and Delva Oy aim to advance the European market with their alloys.
"At Gränges Powder Metallurgy, innovation and the pursuit of excellence have always been our driving forces. We recognize Delva Oy's excellent capabilities in additive manufacturing, and we are confident that this collaboration will catalyze the development of the high-performance alloy market. The harmonious blend of our DISPAL® materials and Delva's manufacturing expertise will empower our customers with cutting-edge solutions, further cementing our position as industry leaders,” says Benjamin Haller, Business Development Manager at GPM.

The cornerstone of this partnership lies in the introduction of two advanced alloys to the European market:
1. DISPAL S220: This high-silicon alloy stands out for its exceptionally low coefficient of thermal expansion, remarkable stiffness, and low density. These attributes make it an ideal choice for industries where temperature stability, structural integrity, and lightweight design are of utmost importance.

2. DISPAL S260: An advanced high-performance aluminium alloy, meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of applications requiring superior wear resistance. This alloy features a fine matrix structure enriched with silicon particles, copper, and magnesium elements. The evenly distributed silicon ensures outstanding properties without the need for additional coatings, ensuring long-lasting and enduring effectiveness.

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