Can you braze with sustainable environmental concern?

Our focus on the environment impact and health & safety, is manifested through the continuous streamlining of production processes, and environmentally-conscious product development. As part of this work, we have developed TRILLIUM®, a composite clad brazing sheet allowing the brazing of highly complex units to be carried out with a smaller environmental footprint.

TRILLIUM® has the optimal amount of flux built in and requires no chemicals to be added in the brazing process. The elimination of fluxing itself leads to significant environmental gains, for example no flux handling, no exposure of operators to chemicals, and reduced need for waste water treatment.

At Gränges, we recognise our responsibility to minimise our environmental impact by continuously increasing the use of recycled aluminium and by striving to reduce our energy usage, emissions, and carbon footprint.

In terms of health and safety, we have a clear goal – an entirely sound, healthy and injury-free workplace. We have strict safety routines and make continuous investment in safety measures to prevent and avoid accidents at all our production facilities. Inspections and safety training are carried out on a regular basis, and new employees are trained in safety issues as part of their introductory programme. If an incident or accident still occurs, it is registered and classified in our incident reporting system, which is transparent and available to everyone in the company.

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