Gränges Americas sources low-carbon primary aluminium to reduce the carbon footprint

Thanks to an increased focus on sourcing low-carbon primary aluminium, Gränges Americas is further reducing the carbon footprint of its aluminium solutions.

Gränges is committed to reducing the climate impact throughout its value chain, focusing on both its operations and the materials it sources. The company has ambitious long-term climate goals for 2030 and 2040, which have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative to be in line with latest climate science.

A key pathway towards net-zero emissions is to increase recycling and sourcingof low-carbon primary aluminium.

Through strategic partnerships with suppliers such as Rio Tinto and Alcoa, Gränges Americas has secured third-party verified low-carbon primary aluminium and is consequently reducing its products’ carbon footprint significantly. The carbon footprint from low-carbon primary aluminium corresponds to around a quarter of the global average and about half of the North American average.

“Our customers are recognizing the importance of using sustainable materials, and thanks to our strategic sourcing we can significantly help them on their decarbonization journey. Bringing these low-carbon aluminium solutions to the market enables us to remain at the forefront in our industry,”says Mark Lienhart, Senior Vice President Procurement & HVAC Sales.

Gränges’ sustainability plan focuses on creating circular and sustainable aluminium solutions and supporting customers in their sustainability and decarbonization efforts.

Since 2017, Gränges Americas has almost halved its total carbon footprint (scope 1+2+3), and achieved a carbon emission reduction of 46 percentCollaborating with suppliers who are committed to sustainability through the value chain is essential in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from scope 3.

June 2024