Gränges Americas in long-term partnership with Entergy to increase renewable energy in Newport

Gränges has signed a 10-year contract with the electricity company Entergy Arkansas for Gränges’ production site in Newport, Arkansas. Under the contract, Granges subscribes to approximately 25 percent of its capacity for the Granges’ Newport Site from renewable energy sources. And the availability will continue to increase for each year with more solar electricity coming online.

Investing in renewable energy is an important strategic priority for Gränges since it reduces the company’s carbon footprint. The company’s Newport site has many ongoing sustainability initiatives, and earlier this year the company also announced its investment to enable production of battery cathode foil, a critical component in the manufacturing of the lithium-ion batteries supporting the necessary electric vehicle transition.
- Our customers are looking for solutions that help them reduce their climate impact. They have their own sustainability and climate goals and are looking to us for help to meet those goals. Increasing our renewable electricity is a strategic priority for us, since it contributes to a more sustainable future for our customers and ourselves, says Rosa Laxamana, VP Sustainability Gränges Americas.

Entergy Corporation has plans for up to 7 gigawatts of renewable resources in its generation portfolio by the end of 2025, and as much as 14 to 17 gigawatts of renewable resources by the end of 2031.

A strong commitment to sustainability
Gränges’ strategic priority is to develop sustainable aluminium products and solutions, characterized by having a low climate impact, being circular and resource-efficient, as well as being responsibly sourced and produced. To drive the development of sustainable aluminium solutions, Gränges has ambitious sustainability targets to 2025 and the company has delivered strong performance against the targets. Gränges Americas has for example increased its share of sourced recycled aluminium from 14 to 48 per cent in 2021 vs. 2017. In April 2022, Gränges announced its investments to expand its recycling and casting operations in Huntingdon, Tennessee, which will enable a market launch of near-zero carbon aluminium solutions in 2024 to meet the growing demand for sustainable products in North America. Gränges has also recently announced its ambition to become climate neutral by 2040 and as part of this, Gränges has committed to set science-based targets through the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Aluminium – a vital resource for a sustainable economy
Aluminium is a circular material, capable of being recycled infinitively without losing its original properties such as lightness, conductivity, formability, durability and impermeability. These properties make aluminium a vital resource for a circular economy, and an important material supporting key sectors, e.g. transport, construction, packaging and renewable energy technologies, to achieve their climate targets. With the global push for sustainable development and the transformation into a more resource efficient and circular economy, Gränges’ customers are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable materials.