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High-performance aluminium materials

Aluminium is often referred to as the “green” metal thanks to its properties that support sustainable development. It is lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant, durable, versatile and impermeable – and also highly recyclable. These unique characteristics enable Gränges Powder Metallurgy to offer innovative and smart solutions for our customers. One result is DISPAL®, a range of high-performance spray-formed aluminium materials.

Very good formability and high strength

Due to spray-forming, a powder metallurgical process, the alloys solidify extremely quickly. This results in the material having an extremely fine grain and homogeneous micro-structure without inclusions or oxides. Whether light construction components for engines and gearboxes or semi-finished items for high-precision machinery, products made from our DISPAL® material ensure very good formability and weight reductions and a great number of performance enhancements. DISPAL® has properties comparable to those of steel but at only a third of its weight. It has dimensional stability comparable with steel and iron-casting alloys, resistance to wear and tear on the same level as cast iron alloys. The DISPAL® material offers customized thermal expansion rates, optimal wear and tear properties, high stability and rigidity as well as very good heat dissipation and low weight in comparisons with other materials and technologies.

The DISPAL® portfolio

The spray-formed aluminium materials of the DISPAL® portfolio contains a high amount of Si (from 17% up to 35%). Our standard portfolio has six DISPAL® alloys that deliver outstanding results.  For more detailed information on the materials, including data sheets, please click in the "Download” links.


Chemical composition



S220 AlSi35  Low density Download ›
S221 AlSi40  Low thermal expansion  Download ›
S225  AlSi35NiFe2  Lower thermal expansion at higher strength  Download ›
S232 AlSi20Fe4Cu3Mg  Strength, fatigue and wear resistance  Download ›
S250 AlSi20Fe5Ni2  High temperature strength Download ›
S260 AlSi25Cu4Mg  Wear resistant Download ›
S270 AlSiFe4Ni3CuMgMnCrTi  Highest strength and stiffness at high temperature   Download ›

Customized alloys?
- Our innovative product developers have created numerous specialized alloys and the possibilities are endless. We are here to help you.

Customer applications

A remarkable combination of properties and benefits…

+ ...high strength (Rm up to 750 MPa)

+ ...improved fracture toughness (KIC up to max. 115 MPa •√m)

+ ...high temperature strength at working temperature up to 450°C

+ ...high fatigue strength of 220 MPa by R=-1 and RT (180 MPa/ at T=150°C)

+ ...improved stiffness (Young’s modulus up to 115 GPa)

+ ...brilliant wear behavior (Hard Coat not necessary)

+ ...adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion
α =14 •10-6/K (~Steel) till α = 23 •10-6/K (~Aluminum/Magnesia)

+ ...good thermal conductivity 90–160 W/m/K

+ ...good forging and machinable

Applications and industries

Our customers appreciate the variety of applications DISPAL® can be used for.

• Automotive Powertrain

• Industrial robotics

• High precision machinery

• Aerospace

• Satellites

• Motorsport

• Optical Industry

• Defense

• Metrology


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