A more sustainable battery industry

Battery technology has a crucial role to play in the transition to a more sustainable, climate-friendly world. But battery sustainability is about more than the transition from fossil fuels. It relies on energy storage technologies with affordable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. Light, strong and infinitely recyclable, aluminium "the green metal" is uniquely positioned to support this shift.

A new generation of sustainable battery materials

Built on the foundation of 125 years of innovative engineering, materials development, a strong focus on automotive and thermal management, as well as world-class research, Gränges has become a global leader in high-performance aluminium alloys for a range of applications. With the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles, clean energy solutions and energy storage growing, we’re ready to support the next generation of sustainable aluminium solutions for battery applications.

Sustainability through the life cycle

When striving for sustainable production, every stage of the process matters – which is why we look at the product life cycle from cradle to gate. We’re also continuously innovating, working on the transition to a circular economy, reducing waste and improving the recyclability of our products and materials. With a low carbon footprint1, third-party verified LCA/CF2 model, strong sustainability ratings as well as an ASI3 certificated production facility, you can act with confidence, knowing you’re making the greener, smarter choice.

Global presence, dedicated local teams

Founded in Sweden, we have sites across three continents delivering consistent, high-quality products and materials to customers around the world, from small-scale startups to large global companies. We have local technical teams on hand to provide the market's best technical support and engineering expertise, whether innovating new battery material solutions or overcoming other challenges – we are here to help.

Battery products

Featuring a low carbon footprint and light weight plus high strength and elongation properties, our cathode foil material combines Gränges’ decades of aluminium and alloy expertise and cutting-edge engineering to offer the ultimate combination of performance and sustainability – the perfect choice for battery cell production.


At Gränges, we bring together aluminium alloy expertise and process control. With a long history of producing materials tailored for deep drawing processes, we develop and provide battery cell casing materials with outstanding quality and performance. Featuring low carbon footprint, excellent formability and light weight, our battery cell casing materials are ideal for electric vehicle and energy storage applications, offering the sustainable choice for the battery industry – with no compromises when it comes to performance.

Welcome to your one-stop shop for brazed aluminium cooling plates. Gränges bring together decades of expertise in brazed aluminium heat exchangers to offer a full and flexible range of solutions for your battery thermal management needs, from advanced materials, design and concept engineering, advanced materials and prototyping to full-scale production. Featuring light weight and exceptional heat exchange properties, our brazed aluminium cooling plates offer the high-performance, low environmental impact choice for liquid cooling of batteries – ideal for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions.

1 The level is dependent on production site and includes emissions from cradle to gate. The calculation is done in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards.

2 LCA = life-cycle assessment, CF = carbon footprint.

3 ASI = Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.