Lubrication, chemistry and surfaces

Aluminium strip with high and consistent surface quality is crucial for the manufacturing and brazing of heat exchangers. This is particularly important for vacuum brazing, but as flux loads decrease it becomes increasingly important also for CAB.

Lubrication and temperature control are significant factors in successful rolling, and have great impact on the surface quality of rolled products.

Competence and facilities

Our highly experienced expert group supports Gränges’ production units in both Finspång and Shanghai with competence in terms of lubrication, surface evaluation, and characterisation. The work ranges from co-operations with lubricant suppliers, to the optimisation and control of lubricant parameters. We are also involved in the evaluation of final rolled materials with regards to surface quality, cleanliness and topography. Organic substances such as lubricants and other related materials can be qualitatively and quantitatively evaluated. Furthermore, we are able to measure thin aluminium oxide film with good precision, and we can perform alloy evaluation in both solid and liquid forms.

Lubricants now and in the future

Based on our competence, equipment and facilities we can evaluate and guarantee the surface quality and stability of our products. On top of this, our instruments are powerful tools in trouble shooting and in failure analysis.

We cooperate with institutes and are involved in several European and Chinese projects in evaluating novel and environmentally-friendly lubricants.