Mechanical properties and microstructure

Mechanical properties and microstructure

Mechanical properties are very important for aluminium heat exchanger sheet materials. After delivery, our customers form and braze the materials. In a vehicle, or in stationary heat exchangers, the materials are subjected to both static and cyclic loads over long periods of time, and at temperatures sometimes exceeding 250 °C.

Testing and analysing

We provide tensile test data, as well as fatigue and creep rupture strengths for temperatures up to 300 °C. Such data are useful, and sometimes indispensable, for our customers when they design new heat exchangers. We can also supply formability data and data on other mechanical properties. We are experienced in microstructural characterization and have an excellent knowledge of how microstructure affects the mechanical properties. Changes in microstructure during our production processes, in our customers’ processes and in heat exchangers during service, are part of our competence. We assess mechanical product failures and relate them to material properties and microstructure, material processing, and heat exchanger design.

Advanced modelling

Our mathematical and modelling capabilities make us a suitable partner for statistical analyses of production data and for new efforts on process modelling. We support our alloy development with both commercially available and university-based numerical calculation tools that predict material properties.