Gränges Asia is forming a strategic alliance with Schöler GmbH for folded tube operations in China

The aim for the alliance is to build up the most efficient tube production facility on the market and the first mill, located in Gränges’ Shanghai plant, is already installed and is the alliance is planning for extensive scale-up.

Schöler is the leading supplier of folded tube production systems. Together, we will drive and accelerate customers’ technology shift from extruded to folded tubes, which is expected to become the preferred technology for both automotive and stationary heat exchangers. Apart from enabling market leading tube production, the alliance with Schöler ensures complete competency coverage over the tube supply chain enabling flawless implementation of folded tube technology for customers.


Gränges’ folded tubes combines Gränges’ market leading material expertise with unique proficiency of heat exchanger applications generated by decades of successful contributions to tech leaders in the heat exchanger industry. Today, extruded tubes is the dominating technology in condensers and evaporators but the folded tube technology is already applied by several heat exchanger leaders. HEX applications continually require higher thermodynamic performance and improved corrosion resistance and folded tube technology enables both higher quality and lower cost compared to multiport extruded tubes.

A folded tube is made out of rolled aluminium and produced by precise multi-step roll forming of aluminum strip(s). The technology has proven to outperform extruded tubes in terms of quality, cost efficiency, environmental impact and HEX performance. Put simply: A better tube at a lower cost.

Two-piece folded tube compared with multiport extruded tube:

  • 15% weight savings on the application unit (e.g. condenser)
  • 100% higher corrosion resistance
  • 100% stronger alloys
  • 50–80% higher burst pressure
  • 5–15% better heat transfer

Source: Gränges R&I

Contact info

Karl Kullerback
General Manager, Gränges Folded Tubes