Newport plant back at full capacity

Gränges is proud to announce the successful rebuild of Newport’s mill number 2, bringing the plant to full mill capacity one month ahead of schedule. With this rebuild 100 per cent of Gränges Americas’ assets are operational, offering the full breadth and depth of capabilities needed to serve the entire foil market.

In 2018, Gränges invested USD 26 million in three new rolling mills and equipment focused on light gauge aluminum foil markets. Unfortunately, in May 202a fire at mill number 2 rendered the mill inoperable.  

–Safety is our number one priority, and I am grateful to the Newport team for responding in the moment as they did ensure there were no injuries. We appreciate the support from MINO Spa and our other partners. We are looking forward to continued growth with our customers as we once again move forward with our light gauge growth strategysays Gränges Americas President, Patrick Lawlor. 

Gränges is the largest US producer of aluminum foil products investing over USD 200 million in expansions since its USD 330 million acquisition of Norandal Aluminum in 2016.  With Gränges Newports’ resumed production, it will mark the fulfillment of Gränges’ ambition from 2018 to build a leading position in thin foil in the US.