How can you invest less and gain more?

Customer demands for more sophisticated and advanced products need to be weighed against the associated increase in production costs. TRILLIUM® by Gränges is a composite clad brazing sheet with the optimal amount of flux built in, enabling the brazing of highly complex units with minimum effort and increased productivity.

Manufacturers using TRILLIUM® for brazed applications can count on multiple benefits, including cost savings throughout the process. Besides a simpler, faster, and more efficient brazing process, the elimination of fluxing itself leads to significant savings: no flux salt or filter costs, no labour costs for manual fluxing, and minimised need for building new production facilities or production lines. Also take into account the reduced maintenance of dryer, water treatment, furnace muffle, conveyor belt, other moving parts, and scrubber equipment. Additionally, as no flux is required for brazing with TRILLIUM®, the costs for storage, handling, as well as mixing and protection equipment are eliminated.

TRILLIUM® helps our customers to reduce costs, create new designs, and reach a higher level of profitability – while reducing their environmental impact. Explore what innovative brazing with TRILLIUM® Solid and TRILLIUM® Lean can do for your products, development and business.

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