How advanced can you make a heat exchanger?

Customer demands for more advanced products lead to increasingly complex designs that require intricate brazing capabilities. TRILLIUM® by Gränges is a composite clad brazing sheet with the optimal amount of flux built in, which means that brazing of even highly complex units can be carried out with outstanding results.

TRILLIUM® promotes innovation and the design of smaller, more complex and energy dense heat exchanger configurations, than can be achieved with conventional processes. The outstanding quality of brazed products made with TRILLIUM® is a result of advanced research, innovation and technology. Besides allowing a smoother and faster production process, TRILLIUM® enables excellent gap-filling, uniform joint formation, improved yields, and minimal post-braze flux residues.

TRILLIUM® helps our customers to reduce costs, create new designs, and reach a higher level of profitability – while reducing their environmental impact. Explore what innovative brazing with TRILLIUM® Solid and TRILLIUM® Lean can do for your products, development and business.

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