Can a new material really revolutionize my brazing process?

Imagine achieving excellent brazing results and not having to perform demanding procedures like degreasing, fluxing, drying or cleaning. TRILLIUM® by Gränges is a composite clad brazing sheet with the optimal amount of flux built in, which means brazing of highly complex units can be carried out with minimum effort.

TRILLIUM® enables a process we call “active brazing”: a simpler and quicker process that eliminates labour-intensive steps such as degreasing, fluxing, drying, and cleaning of the furnace. And as the quality of the end products is significantly improved, brazing with TRILLIUM® is also more productive.

As TRILLIUM® has the fluxing agent built in, no additional fluxing is required, and therefore no handling of flux waste water or residues. No fluxing also means no drying, so there are savings to be made in terms of energy and labour, as well as reduced environmental impact.

Another key advantage with TRILLIUM® is that the material can be designed to be less sensitive to oxygen and moisture in the furnace. Even in challenging environments, with very high levels of oxygen, TRILLIUM® can present uniform joint clad melting and joint formation. Using traditional material in these types of conditions would lead to sub-optimal spreading and poor joint formation.

TRILLIUM® helps our customers to reduce costs, create new designs, and reach a higher level of profitability – while reducing their environmental impact. Explore what innovative brazing with TRILLIUM® Solid and TRILLIUM® Lean can do for your products, development and business.

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