Gränges inaugurates the expansion of its research and innovation centre in Finspång

22 Jun 2017 | GROUP RELEASE

On 22 June 2017, an opening ceremony took place of the newly expanded Gränges Research and Innovation centre in Finspång, Sweden.

Gränges R&I centre in Finspång has more than 40 years of successful research and innovation work in material used for brazed aluminium heat exchangers. It has been a key factor in developing the company to a global leader in this field, as well as giving Gränges a high technology recognition in the global aluminium community.

One example of current research projects that Gränges offers commercially to its customers is TRILLIUM®, which is a technology that simplifies the brazing process and offers a more environmental friendly production process. As of today, Gränges’ research and development efforts have resulted in 52 patent families and 168 patents.

“Research and Innovation are fundamental parts of Gränges’ business strategy. To be able to meet the future market demands of aluminium products, in-depth research work in combination with an innovative spirit are the critical key factors for our company,” says Johan Menckel, CEO Gränges. “I am proud of the Gränges legacy in innovation and I am confident that these efforts will help continue develop the company for future success”.

Gränges R&I centre in Finspång has as of today 30 highly capable specialists with a focus to develop the next generation material for brazed aluminium heat exchangers. The expansion includes new office and laboratory areas, new laboratory equipment as well as a new organizational solution where the research and innovation function is becoming a more central part of the Gränges group.

“We are making a thorough efforts to improve our research and innovation capabilities in Finspång. The centre will be the main hub in our global research and innovation network,” says Kent Schölin, SVP Research & Innovation Gränges. “The purpose is to strengthen our leading global position within the development of brazed heat exchanger material, as well as developing new innovative aluminium products based upon our present research and innovation competence”.

Gränges have research an innovation centres in Finspång, Sweden and in Shanghai, China and plan to establish a centre in Tennessee, USA.

For further information, please contact:

Kent Schölin, SVP Research & Innovation of Gränges, tel: +46 702 41 90 15

About Gränges
Gränges is a leading global supplier of rolled aluminium products for heat exchanger applications and other niche markets. In materials for brazed heat exchangers Gränges is the global leader with a market share of approximately 20%. The company develops, produces and markets advanced materials that enhance efficiency in the customer manufacturing process and the performance of the final products; brazed heat exchangers. The company’s geographical markets are Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its production facilities are located in Sweden, China and the United States, and have a combined annual capacity of 400,000 metric tonnes. Gränges has some 1,500 employees and net sales of more than SEK 10 billion. The share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. More information on Gränges is available at