Letter of Intent signed between Scandium International and Gränges AB

06 Feb 2018 | NEWSLETTER

By supplying various scandium alloy samples, Scandium International Mining Corp. will contribute to a heat exchanger application testing project conducted by Gränges’ research staff. In addition, Scandium International will provide aluminium-scandium alloys (2%) for alloying and trial-testing with Gränges’ own aluminium alloys.

This Letter of Intent, one of three announced in a month by Scandium International with distinct industry segment leaders, aims to demonstrate how scandium will perform in specific products and in production-specific environments. As Gränges is a global player in the rolled aluminium products category, with production, sales and customer-driven product on three continents, the R&I Centre in Finspång is ideally qualified to test the effects of scandium on advanced brazing alloys and to demonstrate the significant value of scandium additions in heat exchanger applications.

George Putnam, CEO of Scandium International Mining Corp. says: “As a recognized industry leader in the heat exchanger markets, Gränges is the perfect partner to refine our alloy work to meet their specific needs, and potentially see real benefit to be applied to their products.”

Kent Schölin, SVP, Research and Innovation, Gränges AB, comments: “Scandium is known to have positive effects on properties for heat exchanger materials. With the Scandium International initiative, scandium additions may also become more economically viable.”

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