Gränges achieved good progress on sustainability in 2021

17 Mar 2022 | GROUP RELEASE

In 2021, Gränges continued to deliver good progress towards the ambitious 2025 sustainability targets. As a result of the stronger than expected performance, some of the sustainability targets were also upgraded during the year. Read more about the development in Gränges’ Annual and Sustainability Report for 2021 which is available as of today on

Highlights in 2021 include a reduction in the company’s total carbon emissions, an increased aluminium recycling, having more products with third-party verified sustainability information, and emitting the company’s first Sustainability-Linked Bond. Further, Gränges Finspång achieved the company’s first certification against the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Chain of Custody Standard, closely followed by Gränges Shanghai being certified in the beginning of 2022. The certification verifies that the company’s aluminium products are responsibly and sustainably produced and provides assurance to customers and other business partners that Gränges is committed to meeting their increased sustainability requirements and demand for sustainable aluminium.

Key achievements 2021

  • Reduced the total carbon emissions intensity (scope 1+2+3)* by 19 per cent compared to baseline 2017**.
    • Carbon intensity scope (1+2) decreased by 8 per cent as a result of a higher share of renewable energy combined with a lower energy intensity.
    • Carbon intensity (scope 3) decreased by 20 percent driven by a higher share of sourced aluminium scrap.
  • Increased the share of sourced aluminium scrap to 28.5 percent. Excluding Gränges Konin and Gränges Powder Metallurgy, the share increased by 2.5 percentage points to 25.0 per cent (22.5).
  • Increased the share of products with third-party verified sustainability information to 35 per cent, which corresponds to 43 per cent (19) excluding Gränges Konin and Gränges Powder Metallurgy.
  • Reached 100 per cent participation in the group-wide anti-corruption and Code of Conduct trainings.
  • Achieved certification in accordance with the ASI Chain of Custody Standard in Gränges Finspång.

– I’m happy to see our good progress, and it was great to achieve the EcoVadis Platinum recognition. I now look forward to raising the sustainability bar further and building an even stronger and more circular company for the future, says CEO Jörgen Rosengren.

A full overview of Gränges’ 2025 sustainability targets can be found on the company’s website:

Gränges’ annual and sustainability report for 2021 is from today available on the company’s website:

* Gränges follows the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards to calculate its climate impact.
** Baseline re-calculated to include Gränges Konin.