Sustainability governance

Gränges’ sustainability efforts are led by Group Management, which includes the SVP Sustainability as of 1 April 2021. Group Management ensures that Gränges’ global sustainability strategy, long-term targets and policies are aligned with the company’s vision and strategy. Group Management also reviews and monitors regional sustainability performance against sustainability targets, as well as makes decisions related to global sustainability priorities.

The Group Sustainability department, headed by the SVP Sustainability, is responsible for coordinating, facilitating, and driving the global sustainability strategy and long-term targets as well as issuing sustainability-related policies. Other responsibilities include regular communication and reporting on Gränges’ sustainability performance and progress to internal and external stakeholders as well as coordinating a continuous stakeholder dialogue. The regional Presidents are responsible for executing and implementing local sustainability strategies and targets, aligned with the global strategy and the local needs. 

At the end of 2021, Gränges established an internal Sustainability Board to ensure a systematic follow-up of Gränges’ sustainability strategy execution at all regions and sites. This internal Board is chaired by the SVP Sustainability and is also represented by the CEO. 

Gränges’ CEO regularly presents global sustainability performance to the Board of Directors, who reviews and monitors performance against the company’s targets. The Board of Directors is the body which approves the company’s global sustainability strategy, long-term targets, and policies, and adopts the annual sustainability report. 

To ensure integration of sustainability aspects into key functions such as Purchasing, Sales, Production and Human Resources, as well as to coordinate group-wide priorities and ensure best practice sharing across the organization, Gränges has established cross-regional teams which meet regularly and where all regions are represented.