Gränges’ operations are working systematically with environment, health and safety through certified management systems.

  • The production sites in Finspång, Huntingdon and Shanghai are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.
  • The production site in Finspång applies an energy management system, according to ISO 50001.
  • Health and safety issues are dealt with within the framework of a management system in accordance with the OHSAS18001 global standard in Finspång and Shanghai.
  • The Shanghai facility is also OHSAS18001-certified.
  • The facilities in Finspång, Shanghai, and Huntingdon are certified in accordance with the quality management standard TS16949 and Finspång and Shanghai are also certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for quality.

Certificates for Gränges Europe

ISO 14001
ISO 50001
ISO 9001
IATF 16949

Certificates for Gränges Asia

ISO 14001
ISO 50001
ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001
TS 16949

Certificates for Gränges Americas

Huntingdon, ISO 14001
Huntingdon, ISO 9001:2015
Huntingdon, IATF 16949
Salisbury, ISO 9001:2015
Newport, ISO 9001:2015