Career and leadership development

Attracting and retaining employees

Gränges strives to offer good working conditions and interesting career and personal development opportunities to attract and retain talented employees.

The company offers remuneration levels in line with market rates and the conditions of employment needed to recruit, develop and retain employees.

Gränges has a professional recruitment process to ensure the company hires skilled employees. Employee and manager training takes place continually to guarantee employee engagement, craftmanship, and good leadership. It is important that employees are proud to work for Gränges.

Having a strong employer brand is an important tool when attracting and securing talented employees. According to a Swedish survey conducted 2018 among university students and young professionals, civil engineers’ awareness of Gränges as an employer reached 48 per cent.*

* Universum: Företagsbarometern 2018.

Securing leadership development

To ensure that employees are engaged and motivated, Gränges conducts annual performance and development discussions as well as compensation reviews.

The annual appraisals process for key individuals and senior managers has a clear link between performance and compensation level. Gränges has talent management and succession planning processes aiming to secure leadership development for the individual and for the company.

Recognizing good performance

Gränges works actively to strengthen its corporate culture and core values, which is important for employee engagement and performance. Gränges’ global Company Awards event aims at recognizing individuals, teams or departments that achieved significant improvements during the year.

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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