Career and leadership development

Attracting and developing talent

Gränges strives to offer good working conditions and interesting career development opportunities to attract, develop and retain talented people. The company runs a structured recruitment process to ensure the company hires competent and skilled employees. In the recruitment process, all else being equal, individuals from underrepresented groups are given recruitment priority to promote a diverse workforce. To ensure employees are engaged and motivated, Gränges conducts annual performance and development discussions as well as compensation reviews.

A structured performance management process

Gränges runs a structured performance management process in which all employees have annual performance and development discussions. To ensure efficient and continuous competence development, talent management, and succession planning, all employees should also have an individual development plan. In 2020, all employees except for blue-collar employees at the Shanghai site had one, which represented 81 per cent (80) of the total workforce. Gränges works actively to provide career and leadership opportunities for employees and aims to fill every second management position job opening with internal candidates.

Competence development and training

Gränges works actively to offer opportunities for training and competence development in order to develop the leadership. Leadership training is conducted in line with regional needs and covers both current and potential leaders and talents. To enable more structured competence development, Gränges in 2020 started to implement a new learning management system, which going forward will enable a more efficient tracking of important metrics such as number of training hours per employee.

Gränges’ operations in Finspång in 2020 initiated a local company training to increase employees’ understanding of all parts of the business and to strengthen the company culture. All in all, 75 per cent of employees completed the training before COVID-19 restrictions made it difficult to finalize the training. Gränges’ operations in Americas sent several managers to leadership training through Louisiana State University prior to the COVID-19 restrictions. The operations in Shanghai conducted internal training in ISO 14001 to increase the understanding of and align the operations with the environmental management system requirements.

Note: All numbers exclude Gränges Konin and Gränges Powder Metallurgy.

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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