Diversity and inclusion

An inclusive corporate culture

Gränges strives to provide a non-discriminatory and inclusive work environment which leverages employees’ different perspectives, experiences and ideas. A multifaceted workforce also reflects the international market in which Gränges operates. Important diversity aspects for Gränges include gender equality as well as ethnic and racial diversity, where the latter aspect is mainly applicable for the company’s operations in Americas. In line with the company’s global Diversity Policy, no employee should experience discrimination based on gender, age, world view, background, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability, or similar.

Gränges’ corporate culture and core values – committed, action oriented, innovative and accessible – guide employees in their daily actions and lay the foundation for conducting business responsibly, ethically and open-minded. Being accessible for example entails that employees should promote equal opportunities and fairness at the workplace, as well as have an unbiased attitude.

Striving for gender balance

Improving the gender balance in the total workforce and among senior management is a key priority across the organization. The company aims to expand the number of women both in blue-collar and white-collar positions and strives to work in a structured way to further develop and provide career opportunities for women and to build a larger internal pipeline of women candidates when recruiting to senior management positions.

In 2020, Gränges had 21 per cent women (20) among senior management and 15 per cent (14) in the total workforce, a slight increase versus 2019. Challenges for an improved gender balance include a low employee turnover rates in some regions, reduced workforce in some production facilities due to lay-offs and weaker market conditions, operating in rural areas where it is difficult to find the right competence, as well as operating in countries where gender roles largely are traditional.

Group-wide principles and local plans

Gränges manages diversity and inclusion matters mainly on a local and regional level, but group-wide principles lay the foundation for prioritized activities. The company for example has a principle to have at least one woman in the final interview round of each recruitment process, and in cases where there are few or no women applicants, the recruitment process is expanded to a broader search. Other principles include to conduct structured termination interviews to follow-up gender related issues, to map and analyse employee survey gaps between men and women, and to offer awareness activities to increase employees’ understanding and identify potential diversity biases.

Due to a delayed central union agreement the operations in Finspång did not perform any gender-related disparity pay analysis in 2020. However, it was confirmed that the few pay gaps identified in 2019 were not the result of gender-related disparity.

Note: All numbers exclude Gränges Konin and Gränges Powder Metallurgy.

Increased diversity focus in Gränges Finspång

Gränges’ operations in Finspång has in 2020 taken several actions to improve the work environment for women. Actions taken include more customized workwear as well as discussions with forklift companies and the occupational health care ergonomist to adjust and tailor the settings of the forklifts to better fit individuals of all heights. Since 2019 a team of female safety representatives meets regularly to discuss for example ergonomics related to machines, clothes and equipment as well as attitudes and salary levels.

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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