Securing ethical business practices

Gränges is committed to ethically sound business practices and operating in compliance with and beyond all applicable laws and regulations. All employees are expected to act in line with the company’s values and behave responsibly towards each other and business partners.

Our commitment

We will run our business in an ethical and responsible way and be an ethically sound partner in all our relations and in the societies in which we conduct business. We never accept corruption and we will always act rapidly, stringently and vigorously if discovering corruption or unethical behaviour.

Performance 2020

  • 100 per cent (99) of all employees conducted an online training in Gränges ’Code of Conduct.
  • 100 per cent (100) of all white-collar employees conducted an online training based on the Anti-Corruption Policy.

Acting ethically and responsibly

Gränges’ global Code of Conduct outlines ethical principles and gives guidance to employees on how to act and conduct business responsibly. The Code of Conduct is available in local languages and applies to all employees and board members, temporary staff, intermediaries, agents, or others acting on behalf of Gränges. The Code of Conduct is based on international standards1) on human rights, labour conditions, the environment, and anti-corruption, including the UN Global Compact and its ten principles. It includes practical recommendations on how employees should act in different situations, as well as definitions and links to other policies. In 2020, Gränges made minor updates to the Code of Conduct and launched a new version.

Gränges’ Code of Conduct

Counteracting corruption

Gränges’ principles and efforts to prevent bribery and other types of corruption are summarized in the global Anti-Corruption Policy. As corruption can prevent economic development, distort competition, increase costs, and damage confidence and reputation, Gränges has zero tolerance and will always act rapidly, stringently and vigorously on discovering corruption or unethical behaviour. It is costly for Gränges as a company as well as for individuals and could lead to imprisonment and fines. Gränges also requires that significant suppliers2) commit to its Supplier Code of Conduct or an equivalent standard, which includes principles about prohibition of corruption, bribery, and improper benefits.

Gränges’ Anti-Corruption Policy

Annual online trainings

To ensure effective implementation of the Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy, and in line with Gränges’ 2025 targets, the company conducts annual trainings covering all employees, Gränges’ Board of Directors as well as contracted workers. The trainings combine facts and guidelines with practical ethical dilemmas. The 2020 training participation rate was 100 per cent for both the Code of Conduct (99) and anti-corruption (100).

Detecting irregularities

To detect irregularities that may seriously harm Gränges’ business or employees, Gränges has an externally managed Whistleblower function which can be accessed via the company’s intranet, the external website or by telephone. The function enables employees and external business partners to provide information anonymously and without fear of retaliation. By quickly uncovering and remediating irregularities, Gränges is in a better position to deal with the underlying causes before they become unmanageable. Gränges takes great consideration of the protection of personal privacy and handles submitted information in line with applicable legislation and regulation.

In 2020, there were eight cases (two) reported through the Whistleblower function. All these cases related to internal working conditions and did not qualify as whistleblower cases in line with the GDPR regulation on storing and processing of personal data. No corruption incidents were detected, and no business contracts were breached or not renewed due to corruption.

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Ensuring effective implementation

Gränges regularly conducts internal audits of its local operations, including effective implementation of policies such as the Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct and the Anti-Corruption Policy. The internal audit programme includes criteria to ensure awareness of the policies and the Whistleblower function, that relevant participants have conducted training in the Code of Conduct and anti-corruption, and verifies that the Supplier Code of Conduct has been implemented and signed by suppliers. During 2020, one internal audit session were conducted. If needed and when applicable, Gränges also engages a third-party to conduct due diligence. No such due diligence was performed in 2020.

1) UN Global Compact, UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Sustainable Development Goals, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational corporations.
2) Suppliers with a purchase value above SEK 5 million, CNY 5 million or USD 0.5 million.

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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