Ethical business practises

Gränges' operations are characterized by sound business ethics and an honest and open corporate culture. All internal relationships and relationships with suppliers, customers, and other business partners and stakeholders, should be characterized by responsible, ethical and sound business principles. Gränges does not tolerate any form of bribery, extortion or corruption.

An ethical, transparent and proactive attitude in the value chain is fundamental and vital. This enables Gränges to avoid conflicts of interest, ensure accurate reporting, run, grow and develop a long-term sustainable and profitable business, and protect the Gränges brand.

Code of Conduct, policies and training

Gränges complies with all applicable local and international laws and regulations. Gränges’ Code of Conduct contains requirements that are stricter than those in laws and regulatory frameworks. All employees, the Board of Directors, independent consultants, and others acting on Gränges’ behalf, must comply with the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is a framework that describes what Gränges considers to be responsible and sustainable behaviour, and establishes that the company’s operations are to be run in accordance with responsible and ethical business and commercial principles. These are applied every day at work by all employees. All employees must comply with Gränges’ Insider Policy and Anti-corruption Policy. The Anti-corruption Policy defines, explains, and expands on what Gränges means by corruption, including how to manage gifts to charitable causes, which mainly takes place at the local level, as well as contributions to political campaigns. Gränges regularly reviews and updates its policies.

Anti-corruption training is offered every other year to employees in the sales organization, as well as purchasers, other white collars, and key individuals who have external contacts, at all facilities and at head office. They are also trained in the company’s Code of Conduct and Anti-corruption Policy every other year at seminars and workshops.  The Board of Directors also has to be informed of, and comply with, the Anticorruption Policy. 

Gränges’ suppliers of raw materials must comply with Gränges’ Supplier Code of Conduct
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Should Gränges acquire another company, it performs thorough due diligence to ensure there is no corruption and that the counter party maintains the same high standards as Gränges with respect to anti-corruption.

Gränges' Code of Conduct

Whistleblower function

Gränges has a whistleblower function whereby employees can anonymously notify the company if they suspect that anything inappropriate has taken place within the company, if any person is involved in irregularities, or if the principles in the Code of Conduct are being breached in any other way. An anonymous tip can be made to a group of individuals including the General Counsel, the SVP Human Resources and the VP Sustainability. The whistleblower function is available to all employees and is described in the company’s Code of Conduct and on the intranet. A description of how the whistleblower function works is also displayed on noticeboards at the production facilities.

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Goals and performance

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