Resource-efficient operations

Gränges is committed to strengthening its operational efficiency and enforcing continuous improvements to improve material and energy efficiency and reduce emissions to air and water, while at the same time provide a safe and secure workplace for Gränges’ employees. Thereby, Gränges minimizes the negative impacts of its business and manufacturing.

Performance 2021

  • Total Recordable Rate reached 6.5 (5.5) and Severity Rate 139 (109).
  • Energy intensity increased to 3.6 MWh/tonne (3.5).
  • Carbon emissions intensity from own operations and purchased energy amounted to 0.83 tonnes CO2e/tonne (0.82).
  • Number of sites having implemented a local water management plan is (3/7) (2/5).

Global EHS Policy

Gränges’ global EHS Policy outlines principles, basic requirements and guidance on workplace safety and environmental procedures. The policy applies to all employees and individuals who are directly or indirectly related to Gränges, such as independent contractors and consultants who work on behalf of the company. In line with the policy, all sites are to operate certified management systems for health and safety, environment, and energy. 


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Emissions and climate impact

Water management

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Workplace safety

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