Reducing energy intensity

Gränges works to achieve continuous energy efficiency improvements. The company carries out regular energy audits and considers the best available technology for new investments and refurbishments. Energy efficiency measures are primarily linked to improved metal yield, thermal processes and recovery of waste heat. Important energy sources are natural gas, electricity, and liquefied petroleum gas and the main energy consumption occurs in the re-melting and casting processes. In 2020, Gränges conducted regional energy intensity opportunity assessments and updated its 2025 activity plans.

Promoting renewable energy

In the Finspång site, Gränges uses electricity in induction re-melters and liquefied petroleum gas in combustion melters. Since 2020, the operations in Finspång source specified electricity from 100 per cent (41) hydro power, sourced through the deregulated energy market in Sweden. In the production facilities in Shanghai and Americas, operations primarily use natural gas, and electricity is sourced from regulated energy markets which currently are mainly based on nuclear and non-renewable energy.

In 2020, Gränges conducted regional opportunity assessments and updated its 2025 activity plans to achieve a higher share of renewable energy.

Note: All numbers exclude Gränges Konin and Gränges Powder Metallurgy.

Re-melting benchmark to reduce energy consumption

In 2020 Gränges conducted a re-melting furnace benchmark between the sites in Shanghai, Finspång and Americas. Furnace handling practices (i.e. loading of input materials, heating and melting, stirring, fluxing, skimming, settling etc.) were compared in order to reduce cycle times, energy consumption and dross generation. A main outcome was the introduction of a higher share of recycled aluminium to replace primary aluminium whilst limiting the increases in dross formation and energy input.

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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