Waste management

Increased waste recycling

Gränges aims to reduce waste in all production facilities with the ambition to recycle and reuse waste in production where possible. Waste management is handled locally, and all sites have a local waste handling procedure. The company generates waste in the form of dross in the re-melting process and emits oil to air and water because of the cold rolling process where oil is used to cool down the mill and lubricate the interface between the rolls and the material. 

One example of waste recycling is dross disposal which is handled by specialized dross handlers from which some facilities are reclaiming aluminium through recycled scrap ingots (RSI). Gränges Finspång has invested in a dross press machine to recover aluminium from dross on site and Gränges Shanghai has conducted a study on treatment of waste emulsions from the hot rolling mill to reduce hazardous waste. 

Targets and target fulfilment

See detailed information about Gränges’ long-term sustainability targets and target fulfilment.

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