Run sustainable operations

Efficient management of energy and materials offer opportunities to improve profitability, competitiveness, and environmental performance and is critical to Gränges and its stakeholders. Also, providing a safe work environment is a top priority as the company strives towards operating an injury-free workplace.

Our commitment

We will strengthen operational efficiency and continuous improvements in our operations to improve material and energy efficiency and reduce emissions to air and water, while at the same time provide a safe and secure workplace for our employees. Thereby, we minimize the negative impacts of our operations.

Performance and focus 2018

  • Reduced Total Recordable Rate by 22 per cent to 6.1 recordable accidents per million hours worked (7.8).
  • Severity Rate increased to 165 lost workdays per million hours worked (112) due to a couple of accidents that resulted in long recovery of the injured individuals.
  • Reduced energy intensity by 1 per cent to 3.3 MWh/tonne product (3.3) driven by different energy efficiency measures at the plants. The total share of sourced renewable energy* was unchanged at 9 per cent (9).
  • Reduced direct and energy indirect carbon emissions intensity by 6 per cent to 0.76 tonne CO2e/tonne product (0.81) driven by improved energy intensity and a higher share of low carbon nuclear electricity replacing fossil fuel-based electricity in Gränges Americas.

* Wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, tidal and biomass.


The melting and casting of aluminium are energy intensive processes and Gränges strives to reduce the company’s energy consumption for both sustainability and profitability reasons.

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Emissions and climate impact

Gränges believes it is essential to help combat climate change and works actively to reduce the climate impact from its own operations and along its value chain.

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Water management

Ensuring sustainable water use and access to clean fresh water is essential for economic growth and welfare.

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Workplace safety

Gränges strives towards operating a safe and injury-free workplace that protects the health and fosters the well-being of employees and all persons directly or indirectly related to the company’s operations, such as contracted workers and consultants.

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